We are looking for passionate, creative, and driven people who want to spread the word about what God is doing through HFC!

Some ways you can get involved are:

  • Start a Virtual Event
  • Do live streams and talk about our products
  • Pray for our Warrior Princesses daily
  • Use and send friends your promo code
  • Host events at school, community gatherings, and Facebook
  • Work with different organizations and clubs to set up fundraising events
  • Generating Local Press

If you enjoy taking high-quality pictures on your social media pages, then this is the perfect program for you! We’re looking for photographers, bloggers, and stylists to incorporate our headbands in your next look. Please email gohara@havingfaithcures.com for more details. Fill out the form below to join an amazing community of ambassadors. We look forward to welcoming you to the Having Faith Cures Team!

*High-Quality Pictures Are Strongly Preferred*