Global Belief repairs a broken well every week in the country of Uganda and gives work to locals by paying them to maintain the wells. Along with their Sponsorship Program, “Global Belief Project is determined to transform the broken and deserted wells into vital and abundant fountains of life they once were…Reviving the hope, health, and happiness to even the most rural and desolate of villages.”

Not just do they repair a well-a-week, but they talk with the community about health and the hope they have in Jesus. We are very excited to begin working with Co-Founders Jake and Taylor Radovich.

You can join Having Faith Cures and Global Belief Project in joining the event. For each water bottle purchased 50% of the proceeds will be donated to Global Belief Project’s It is Well Campaign. We are thrilled to see what the Lord will do through HFC and we would love for you to join us and make a Moment so that together, with the power of the Lord, we can start a Movement.