With your support, we’re teaming up with Every Orphan’s Hope to sponsor an orphan, Mirriam, in their sponsorship program! 


“A DOLLAR A DAY is all it takes to sponsor an orphan. Through Every Orphan’s Hope, you too can sponsor an orphan for $31/month.  Your money provides your child with nutritious meals, clothing, healthcare, and education. Our goal is to match each child with 12 sponsors so that you can commit to an affordable monthly investment and shower your child with love!

You’re not just sending money; you’re raising an orphan to LIFE! By writing letters to your child, you can follow their daily triumphs and challenges, learn their prayer requests and share your own. You can even meet your sponsored child on one of our mission trips! Every Orphan’s Hope pairs eight orphans with one widow whom they call “Mama.” They live in a home where they become a newly formed family, and the mama raises and loves the children as her own.”

-Every Orphan’s Hope 

Visit Every Orphan’s Hope to sponsor a child: http://everyorphan.org/sponsor-an-orphan/

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